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Participacion en expresiones colectivas e individuales

Domingo, 27 de Enero de 2019

Exhibitions and Events:

2019: Red-Black: Context Gallery (Febrary) Sant Cugat-Barcelona, curator Luis Acosta.

2018: Red-Black: Sevilla,Madrid,Neuchâtel(Suiza),Enschede  (Holanda) curator Luis Acosta// Milan Design Week Fuorisalone ( Aprile) DINDESIGN//After Joya Effect V in the Atnens Jewellery Week (May-Jun)// Select Artist Textile Argentine Art Center- Borges Center  September//Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery and Objets ,October//Travesías,  ,Junín Buenos Aires,October-November// Divino Gioielli ,Gioiellodentro  (Italy) Dec-Jan.

2017: The After Joya Effect IV in the Athens Jewellery Week (May-June)//Geometries-MEK Gallery-Córdoba –Argentina (May-July)//Joya Barcelona //Jewel & Chocolate ,Xocolat Museum Barcelona ( October) Klimt 02//SOFA CHICAGO (MEK Gallery) November.

2016:The After Joya Effect III in the Athens Jewellery Week (June-July 2016)Art Space Popeye Love`s Olives.// Selected Artist Textile Argentine Art Center- Stock Exchange  August -Buenos Aires//Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair//SOFA CHICAGO ,MEK GALLERY/ BUENOS AIRES THE FIRST BIENNIAL CONTEMPORAINE JEWELRY-1st EXPOSITION TEXTILE JEWELRY -Textile Argentine Art Center ,October.

2015:The After Joya Effect II “ 6000 Fragments - The Floating Islands-Athens- Gallery Popeye Love`s Olives-June // Figurations - Argentines Jewelers - Josè Hernandez Museum -Buenos Aires-July//Art Market –Còrdoba ,Argentina-MEK Gallery-August// Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair -October//BIC MAJA Beijing-China -November //SOFA Chicago, MEK Gallery.

2014: Korea Craft Designer Association , Invited International Exhibition in the USA, Art Center Gallery, Virginia, February // Jewelry ¨Maridajes¨ Cultural Center Virla, San Miguel de Tucuman Argentina, April // The After Effect I :Jewel Jewelry Fusion, Gallery Popeye Loves Olives, Greece, Athens, June // Creativity Oggetti:Il gioiello if mette in posa, Torino, Italy, October - November // Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair.

2013:“ To be unique :the unique  importance of  being”- Gioiellodentro-Vicenza-Italy,   .Fiera Palakiss,May //Annual Exhibition Korea Kraft Designer Association(Invited International , May South Korea //¨ Design for Existence ¨Best Digital Designer- Special Invited International , New York School of Visual Arts //Korea Digital Design Council International Design Exhibition, Special Invited International-Korea ///“The Emotions” collective show of Jewellery and Japanese Lacquer ,Women¨s Museum ,Buenos Aires and Joya Brava –Chile ,Jun//   Joyeros Argentinos Exhibition - Gallery Arte y Parte-Buenos Aires, August//Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair // Pending Issues ,Cecea Center,November ,Buenos Aires.

2012 :Water, Collective   : Space 10 Art Gallery-Buenos Aires // ArtExpo New York,  March NEW YORK. // Joya Barcelona Art Jewellry Fair// Woman´s Museum:  Cycles, Buenos Aires.

2011 :World Expo Joya, Hotel Sheraton. Buenos Aires // Museum  José Hernández-IV Second Biennial Craft and Craft Sector Mention Craft and Writing.Buenos Aires | Uniart 2011-Rome-La Sapienza University College Fair First Art, Design, Cultural Tourism and Handicrafts, Invited by the University of Flores,Buenos Aires// ¨Tango ¨-Artists and Artisans ¨Larreta Gallery-Buenos Aires-Honorable Mention,Jun //¨Spring¨¨-Artists and Artisans Larreta Gallery, September, Buenos Aires-Special Award.

2010: Pure Design 2010.Jewellery-Buenos Aires// The four elements-Transforming , Wo-Gallery Arte y Parte, Buenos Aires, Jun,// ¨ What unites us? ¨,  Joyeros Argentinos, Buenos Aires //Uniart Exhibition 2010: First College Fair Art, Design, Cultural Tourism and Handicrafts, invited by the University of Flores. Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Borges ,August.

2009 :Arts and Artists Emerging Art Space Ponce-Boscarino-Buenos Aires ,Jun//Craft Fair Navalmoral de la Mata, Spain, September.

2008 :Group Exhibition of Art-Schools and Professional Councils Engineering, Architecture and Surveying June, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Seminar Contemporary Jewellery CHARON Kransen: Developing your own script, Athens, October 2014, Gallery Popeye Loves Olives/ Seminar CHARON Kransen 2018-Barcelona ,Spain.

Books Participations:

The Ring`s Book-Nicolàs Estrada -2011Barcelona.

The 6th Annual Book of Argentin Art_2012 Buenos Aires.

The 7th  Annual Book of Argentin Art-2013 Buenos Aires.

The Lark Book  500 Necklaces -NY 2013.

Exposiciones y Participaciones

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