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Irene Palomar

Domingo, 27 de Enero de 2019

Irene Palomar is an artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an extensive training in jewelry techniques. The artist is a regular presence in national and in international exhibitions. With her work Irene Palomar creates objects that express her feelings and they allow she to communicate through art with others.

¨I was Engineer Surveyor for over 30 years and around 2007 I gave me the permission to develop my artistic side  . I enjoy it very much with  because trough  the art I communicate my feelings and my intimate being with the others developing my creativity and therefore the right hemisphere of my brain.¨


1974: Surveyor- University of Morón. Argentina

1995-1999:Social Psychology-Pichon Rivière School-Argentina.


2007           Union of Jewelers (Chiseled).

2008-2010 Jewellery Educational Complex.CEJ, Buenos Aires

2007-2012 Private Workshops: Flor Fiszman, Mabel Pena-Buenos Aires

2009 and 2010 Francine Schloeth (Japanese lacquer) -Buenos Aires

2010 Seminar with Luis Acosta-Textile Arts Center -Buenos Aires

2010 Seminar Art Curator-ESEADE-Buenos Aires.

2012 Antonio Pujía (Modeling wax)

2009 and 2012 Workshops (advanced) in jewelry with the silversmith and jeweler Eugen Steier-Barcelona

2012 Origami Papelera Palermo,Buenos Aires

2013 Foundry with sand and sepia bone ( Francine Schloeth) -Buenos Aires

2013 Papiroflexia   ,Walter Chen ,Barcelona .

2017 Rivets and cold connections - Judy Mc Caig-Buenos Aires


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